compare with paper bags in chinese market and foreign market

- Feb 02, 2018-

Almost 50 paper bag factories from China attended this fair. I looked through the the products from chinese market. They are so different from foreign market. First, designs. paper bags from chinese factory are more colorful and with original finishings. And size of the same design is simple. Comparing to chinese market, paper bags in foreign market are single and and different sizes in one design. It is a compelete set for people to chooser from easily. It is a visual shock. Second, price. every market competes with lower price, not just chinese market. Cause i found that price in some foreign facotories is cheaper. Third, material preference. chinese market more focuses on ivory and coated paper bags. And foreign market will pay more attention on kraft paper bags, which they think it is eco-friendly. And that fits eruopean style.