Gift box is how to make it out?

- Oct 22, 2017-

Many people send gifts through direct online shopping, which shows that the public has a demand for online shopping packaging, gift packaging everywhere, is not excessive, will not disappear in the packaging industry must do a good job. Packaging box from different angles can be divided into many kinds, from the form of view, we can carry on a simple division; in addition, this can also give us to create a gift box to provide a way of thinking. Gift packaging box has two main forms: direct and indirect performance.

Directly refers to the appearance of emphasis in the design of the contents, including the performance of product form and use. The most common way is to photograph pictures or window design, so that the intuitive approach is still very popular with consumers, but also for the sale of products will play a very good supporting role.

Performance is indirect packaging with other related elements to describe the product manual. This method has more extensive expressive space, and is often used to express some attributes, grades, concepts and so on in the conception. From the product itself, some items can not be directly expressed, such as perfume, wine, laundry powder, etc., which need to be indirect expression method to deal with. In addition, many packaging can be directly expressed, in order to obtain new and diverse effects, often choose to achieve through indirect expression.