How to design carton packaging type body

- Oct 22, 2017-

Nowadays, the trend of sales of paper bags in the market has been greatly improved. Paper bags are omnipresent in our lives. Example: the packaging of wine, the bag of buying clothes. How about the design of carton packaging?

Carton is a three-dimensional shape, its blooming process is composed of a plurality of component surface movement, packing, folding, form a multi-faceted process surrounded by the. In the three-dimensional structure, the surface plays the role of space division in the space, cutting the surface of different parts, rotating and folding, and the resulting surface has different emotional expression. The plane is smooth, smooth and concise.

Surface with soft, gentle and elastic feeling. The surface has a soft, round, simple, plump, square strict, solemn...... And that's exactly what we need to take into account when we look at the shape of a carton.

Study on the polyhedron in three dimensional construction lies in the variation between the surface and surface for polyhedral objects, to explore the relationship between the changes of the shape and strength of materials. For example: the surface joint in the carton molding usually with point connection, line connection, surface three ways appear in the box cover, box body and box bottom structure.

To the bottom of the box as an example: the bottom of the box part is to bear the weight, anti pressure, vibration, and other factors affecting the largest part of the fall, is suitable for the use of the face to face contact, each bolt and locking method, the bottom of the box securely sealed molding. This kind of structure can pack many kinds of products, and most of them are small and medium bottled products.

In addition, in real life, the 6 basic polyhedron geometry and their variants have different approaches but equally satisfactory results complex external shape and place of goods. The carton packaging structure should give full play to the shaping characteristics of the polyhedron, and use the body language skillfully to express the characteristics of the goods and the beauty of packaging.

Currently on the market a lot of food packaging, on the basis of forming the outer packing box is Platon or Archimedes in the face of the polyhedron defined by the composition of the surface shape by repeating the same shape combination, more closer to the sphere surface combination. As a Japanese chocolate packaging, its appearance corresponds exactly to define the Platon sphere, composed of 8 triangular cardboard folded the same interspersed with each other, into a eight and is surrounded by a sealing body, simple and simple by wire rope skillfully connects the 8 sides, played a strong function the role of rigorous modeling, with Japan's unique national style.