How to pack chic gift boxes

- Oct 22, 2017-

New year's day for friends and relatives to prepare a lot of creative gifts, but in the gift box moment always feel there is no proper packaging, have you ever wanted to personally build some elegant gift box? Other novelty gift box, beautiful silk ribbon, promotes the level at the same time also offer you the most sincere wishes, but will receive the gift of people left a deep impression.

Candy packaging candy box to a finishing touch, let others see what you send is not for a while, a little suspense. Colorful printing decorative paper, red main color, Dongfeng freehand brushwork, can accept a variety of different patterns of unity packaging.

The gift box looks like a normal gift box. When the box is removed, the gift box is like a flower. Measure the length, width and height of the gift, then draw a cross shaped pattern with cardboard. The length, width and height are slightly larger than the gift. To build a highly eliminated, but the ratio of length to width of just 0.3 cm size large template. Cut and fold the two templates, forming two square boxes, and put a slightly larger one on the lid with a rubber band on the lid.