reserch on the paper bag's design

- Jan 06, 2018-

In terms of consumers, they become more picky for not only good's quality but the attractive wrapping. 

Hnece, there are some tips for paper bags'design.

First, modernity, the design for paper bags should follow the mainstream of the times,which can draw consumers' interests. Focus on personality, unique style and fashion. For example, we can work on the packing material,like wrapping paper or paper bags.

Second, merchantability, largely pretty packing can stimulate promotion for goods, and guide consumers to buy your stuff.

Third, psychology, it is necessary to design for different kind of people in different age. such as male, female, babay , middle-age ect.....there shoud be  exact theme for different group. For example, women like something warm, cute and pretty. So putting bowtie in the paper bags is a good way.But men are different, they prefer something cool and mature.

That's why we should pay more attension to design.

Well, our company has excellent designers with updating design every month.