The process of paper bag making

- Jan 03, 2018-

The process as following:

First, when we get the AI/PDF/CDR,we need to make sure about the size, printing color(solid or pantong color), finishing and the correct letters with our clients.

Second, after the confirmation, we arrange for printing.

Third, when the printing is ready, we need to wait for a while until the oil get dry in case of mixing other color. Then we can move to next step:lamination(but except kraft paper)

Fourth, it is time to continue hot-stamping. After that, we can emoboss the paper.(the hot-stamping machine looks very similar to embossing machine,and the difference is that hot-stamping machine can heat up)

Fifth,that's the last step:fold paper bags(attention: be careful of glue leaking out of the paper bag), then handle-crossing.

Well, that's the process of paper bags making.