what should be kept in mind when clients want to import from China?

- Jan 17, 2018-

But what should we know before importing? 

First of all, did you import anything from China before? If not, then the first thing he needs to do is dealing with the certificate of importing and exporting. Because it will be difficult to get the goods from custom without this certificate.and the custom is so strict with it. otherwise you need to hire an agency. Still, it's a bit tough.

Secondly,do you have your own freight forwarding? It is better to get a one on your side. it will save you a lot of energy. because it is really a pain in the ass. 

Thirdly, the important one, make sure that there is no problem for you to transfer dollars. Because some countries got sanction by America. They have problems for money transfer. Hence, many chinese factories will avoid doing bussiness with those countries. Cause it is hard to receive money.

well, the tips above all that you should know.