Wine product packaging matters needing attention

- Oct 22, 2017-

1. in line with the price positioning: the price of the product determines the grade of the product packaging design, and to the grade of the product line, must not appear in the low level of packaging design to support the high-grade products price is not available, the high-grade packaging design to lead the grade of products, everything must have a degree, otherwise neither fish nor fowl, counterproductive things.

2. meet the target consumer positioning: the packaging design of the target consumer analysis, what kind of wine is what people drink, alcohol consumption is a kind of personality level consumer show, its packaging is equivalent to the consumer's dress choice, so the wine packaging design to meet the consumer's personality characteristics.

3. meet the needs of the market positioning: as the package, its application to business, business to create value, is profitable, so as a part of the commodity packaging must conform to the market, it is not a piece of art, it is the real goods, so the packaging design should beautify in line with market conditions, primary and secondary to design.