Definition And Classification Of Packaging Marks

- Oct 22, 2017-

In order to facilitate the transfer of goods packaging logo is to prevent the wrong wrong operation, easy identification, convenient transportation, warehousing and customs and other relevant departments to carry out inspections, but also facilitate the consignee of goods, marked on the packaging of the import and export of goods on the mark, mark has the following types:

(1) transport mark, i. e. shipping mark. This is the basic part of the relevant items in the trade contract and delivery documents. It consists of a simple geometric figure, letters, numbers, and so on.  The contents of the shipping mark include:

The destination name or code, consignee or consignor or substitute, part number (mnemonic code indicating the total number of each piece of goods), volume (length * width * height), weight (gross weight, net weight and tare) and producing countries or regions.

(2) indicative mark. According to the characteristics of goods for fragile, need moisture, anti reverse and other commodities, with eye-catching graphics or text on the packaging, marked "handle with care", "anti wet", "this side up" etc..

(3) warning signs. For dangerous goods, such as flammable goods, drugs or explosive articles, etc., must be marked prominently on the outer package as a warning.