Food Kraft Paper Bag And Gift Paper Bags

- Sep 01, 2018-

Food Kraft Paper Bags are normally made of kraft paper bags below 120g.

Because they are made by machine,it need very huge MOQ to start.

And paper could not be very thick,if too thick machine could not run.

Made by machine can save some labor cost,so it could have better prices.

If you have small quantity,most suppliers do not want to do them,small quantity could not run the cost of machine.Or unit price will be very expensive.

Food is not very heavy,do not need very high end or thick paper bags.

That`s why most food area customers choose kraft machine paper bags.


Gift paper bags or shopping bags are normally made of ivory paper,coated paper or kraft paper above 120g.

Because they are handmade,small quantity is also acceptable.

Thicker paper is also available if you want.

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