Gift Box Printing Order

- Oct 22, 2017-

In order to make the gift box more beautiful, we need to follow the color order in the printing process, what is the specific steps? Here is to introduce you.

(1) first print the halftone, then print the lines. When the gift box is the four colour printing halftone image, and text, field patterns, lines, in order to ensure accurate overprint, reduce paper expansion, should be the first halftone printing, printing lines, field, and to look for the primary and secondary, first easy.

(2) print the deep color first, then print the light color. Light color ink cover on the back due to weak, overprint, slightly misregister, is not easy to detect, overprint effect is good.

(3) if you encounter whiteboard paper, cardboard. When the moisture content of kraft paper is uneven, the wrinkle is uneven, the surface strength is poor and so on, when the powder is dropped and the wool is lost, the water can be printed first to solve the quality accident in the process of monochrome printing.

In the gift box processing printing need to pay attention to the above points, try to do not appear quality problems, so that there will be a more perfect result.