The Difference Between Ordinary Gift Box And Folding Gift Box

- Oct 22, 2017-

As in the tradition of the Chinese nation, even in science and technology change rapidly, social development today, this is we have to ignore. Many people pay attention to etiquette, gift packaging need to take into account the etiquette and face, and even unique culture. The new packaging explains the difference between the ordinary gift box and the folding gift box.

In fact, the ordinary gift box and Folding gift box in the design style and box style is the same series, but the production process of the box is obviously different. The former belongs to the ordinary flip boxes, and is used for packaging of cosmetics, health care products, jewelry, high-end food, wine and other products.  The folding flip boxes, interior box production, made some adjustments. The ordinary inner box bottom and the four sides usually use the same thickness of gray board paper, while the folding flip box, the bottom of the box is slightly thinner than the four sides cardboard, so as to fold. The adjusted folding lid box has only a part at the bottom of the inner box which is bonded with the panel, and the other parts are covered with double glue and paved. When used, it only needs to tear off the double-sided adhesive and glue, which becomes a common clamshell box. The adjustment of the manufacturing process makes the transportation damage rate and transportation cost of the gift box greatly reduced, and is especially suitable for the customers who need long-distance transportation.